Turneround Entertainment Artists

Our Artists are the BEST around and we ensure they shine

At Turneround Entertainment, we make sure our artists are provided everything they need to be the SUPERSTAR that they already are.  Our job is to ensure that their brand is viewed as it should be.  We give our artists the utmost respect and show them what it is they need to do to be successful.  We are here to manage and lead them in the right direction to ensure they have extreme success within the industry of entertainment.

Our Artists

The Keeshea Pratt Band

The Houston based, award winning Keeshea Pratt Band possesses the skill and artistry reminiscent of old school Motown; a rarity among bands of any genre today. The 8 piece musical collective, lends its energy and passion to traditional blues, contemporary blues and offers a preview to the future of blues. The musical artistry and dexterity of The Keeshea Pratt Band allows it to journey unapologetically across the genres of classical, jazz, Southern rock, soul, gospel, and country and back again.

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